Foundation 12

Foundation 12

What is Foundation 12?

In January 2016, Roberto and Kim Alomar started Foundation 12, a Canadian charitable organization serving youth baseball players.

For the near future, funds raised by Foundation 12 will used to support those affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.  Specifically, funds will be used to help provide clean drinking water, fix damage to houses, and other day to day needs of the people living in Salinas (Roberto’s hometown).

“After recently returning home to Puerto Rico, I was sadden to see the damage created by Hurricane Maria.  It is very difficult to see people that I care about go through such a challenging time.  I would personally like to encourage all of you to help the proud people of Puerto Rico, by giving any funds that will help in the recovery.  Puerto Rico will recover from this, and Puerto Rico will be stronger than ever! ” – Roberto Alomar


Our focus includes …

Youth baseball players living in high priority communities

This will include players from low socio-economic status that do not have the financial means to participate in organized baseball and sport in general.

Youth baseball players with physical or cognitive disabilities

This will include programming and resources for players already participating in, or who would like to participate in Challenger Baseball or Special Olympics.

Elite level youth players, considering baseball as a profession

Players that have an opportunity to use baseball to further their education through a college/university scholarship or to sign with a professional team, or those who are passionate about working in the business of baseball.

Roberto Alomar

I know firsthand how important role models are in a child’s life. In starting Foundation 12, I want to give back by providing them with resources to help them achieve their dream in life.

Roberto Alomar, Chairman of Foundation 12

Why Foundation 12?

Growing up in the small town of Salinas, Puerto Rico, Roberto learned at an early age the important role a community has on a child’s development. Roberto grew up idolizing his parents Maria and Sandy Alomar and credits them with installing in him the value of community service and giving back. Maria and Sandy always preached the importance of staying humble and helping others. In addition, Roberto was always impressed by the charity efforts of baseball great and fellow Puerto Rican, Roberto Clemente. He often thought that if he was in a position to make a difference in the lives of children, he would embrace the opportunity.

“I want to be remembered as someone that did things the right way. I am very proud of what I was able to accomplish on the baseball field and how hard I worked to achieve my dream. I am now in a position in my life where I have the opportunity to give back to others less fortunate.”

Roberto’s “home base”

With Roberto now spending a larger portion of his time in Toronto, it seemed like a natural fit to establish a Canadian charity that would specifically help benefit children living in Canada. Roberto will focus his efforts on using the game of baseball as a vehicle to impact the lives of young baseball players.

“When I was traded to the Blue Jays™ in November of 1990, I was embraced by the entire country of Canada from day one. Together, we built lasting memories which included 2 World Series Champions for the Blue Jays. I have always considered Canada as my second home and it is really important to me that I help leave the game of baseball in Canada in better shape than when I first came here. With my work across Canada with the Blue Jays Honda Super Camps and Tournament 12, I thought establishing Foundation 12 was the next step in creating a meaningful difference. I am very proud of the work we have done and I think the sky will be the limit with Foundation 12”.

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